| July 15–17, 2020

Want to speak at elm-conf?

Super! We want to hear your talk!

(Want to submit a workshop or open space instead?)

Here's the rundown of what we're looking for:

All talks will be 25 minutes long.

We do not require travel, but you will need a computer to present with. You will be able to submit a video/screencast of yourself in advance, or present live from wherever you are.

Talks should be about Elm. In the past, we've favored talks that:

  • Assume the audience is already invested in Elm
  • Have a healthy dose of both what to do and why to do it
  • Are either about something extremely practical for everyday coding or use Elm in new, interesting ways (like Art, Music, Teaching, or Science.)
  • Aren't too heavy on the math or category theory (in particular, although we always get a talk about typeclasses/monads/what-have-you, we've never accepted one.)

Talks can have multiple speakers. For example, if you want to present with a co-worker, that's fine.

You can submit as many talks as you want. We'll only accept one, but if you have a couple ideas go ahead and send them all in!

If you'd like to get inspiration from previous year's talks, they're all available on our YouTube channel.

As thanks for speaking, all speakers (and co-speakers, if applicable) will receive free admission to the conference.


  • The CFP is open from April 20th to 11:59 PM US Central time on June 1st.
  • We'll give one round of feedback (via email) to any talks submitted up to one week before the end of the CFP (May 25th at 11:59PM US Central time.)
  • We will notify you of results via email by June 12.